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The exodus, journeying out was not a one time thing for the children of God (Israel). Even when they had reached Canaan, within Canaan, they still had to continuously journey out of one form of enslavement back to God, until a new covenant – Jesus Christ, came and brought a permanent solution – salvation, for their backsliding problem. However, to reach salvation there is a journey called redemption that cannot be bypassed, but the Lord through His mercy gives us a travelling partner, The Holy Spirit to help us faint not, but reach salvation.

In this project, we touch on different aspects of life according to a view supported by the understanding of the word of God (therefore stand to be edified). We speak on –

  • What is making waves and currently affecting people, giving opinion of it relating to the word of God.
  • Inspire by giving words of encouragement and/or correction mostly on issues concerning women
  • Administer the gospel of Christ in the traditional form of preaching, in an effort to explore the word of God.
  • Leadership, sometimes money and business, giving advice on how one can develop themselves (mentally and characteristically), and/or their businesses, according to the word of God
  • Dip in the matters concerning our lifestyle e.g. taking care of our bodies and souls; bringing consciousness to what we eat in terms of how it affects us for the good and bad; what to wear or not – fashion relevantly applicable to the child of God. Also, now and then, add a sneak peak on the kinds of conversations a child of God typically engages in.

All this is an effort to reflect the life(style) of a Born-again Christian, in order to encourage others who might be interested in giving their lives to Christ, but fear that the gospel (perhaps religion) would change them to boring Beings or stereotypes, know what it means to allow Christ into one’s life.

Please enjoy the journey with us!


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