Welcome to our devotions section, thank you for checking it out.

My name is Mfesi Mayekiso, the founding agent of THE MM Foundation and the editor of the exodus christian magazine. I am a deacon minister by qualification and ordination, an evangelist and life coach by calling and subsequently training, and a finance officer by accreditation. In this platform I spread my love to your hearts from the word of God. Christ is life and He is the word. Therefore, as the brethren we ought to partake in Him (The Word) continuously individually and in devotion, in remembrance of who He is to us. My effort to do such is by posting a weekly devotion to encourage, motivate, feed and strengthen us for the week.

May you be blessed!

30112020 – Strengthening with power

11012021 – The witnesses
04012021 – Favor of the righteous
28122020 – Adam’s favour
24122020 – According to thy faith
14122020 – State of life
071220 – By the word

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