The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD. – Proverbs 16:33

I’m always intrigued by the fact that, from the history of Israel, there is a reference point for what we find ourselves going through. In every year, there is something that Israel went through that helps us figure out how God will glorify Himself in our own experiences.

Today marks the beginning of Adar in the Jewish calendar. We care about the Jewish calendar because spiritually, we are aligned to it. Unfortunately, Julius Caesar changed the presentation of dates and years when he was the dictator of Rome, subjecting the whole world to adopting such. If the previous calendar that was adopted then, is the same calendar still being used by the today Jews, there is a purpose to such.

With that said, the month of Adar is known for joy, happiness and I add, love. It is a month where Purim is celebrated, on the 14th day of Adar [26/02/21]. This day is the day when Israel received freedom from the persecuting hands of Haman who marked the Jews for execution on the 13th of Adar. Through queen Esther, Haman who had planned to execute the Jews was himself killed by the very gallows he had set to kill Mordecai.

The reference scripture says that while the lot is cast, the whole disposal of it is determined by the Lord. Haman did cast lots, but the Lord disposed of such as He deemed fit. The Lord’s disposal led to Jews being free and the lot caster dead.

In 2021, we find ourselves in a similar position as Israel back then. Haman had power over Israel and he exercised it. However, the Lord God has power over all things in existence, and He also exercised it then in favor of Israel. All of this was initiated by two people whose actions brought salvation to the Jews. Yes, we mostly speak of Esther, but Esther would not have acted the way she did if it wasn’t for Mordecai’s rebellion. God says, you shall worship no other gods beside me. Sometimes when one acts out this command, they may come across as stupid. In this world, we worship anything even unaware. At times God tests our love for Him against that one thing we treasure, to bring out our unknown worship towards it. For Mordecai, it was his job. God tested him using Haman, the operating boss in the palace. The result of his rebellion could have just been a mere case of him being fired. However, God worked the heart of Haman to a point of wanting to murder him. Mordecai on one hand, could not bring himself to worshipping a mere mortal. He stood his ground and defied the laws of a man in favor of the law of God.

God is looking for those in this period. Those that are willing to lose even their lives standing for God. It is through such acts that we also can experience what Israel experienced and today celebrate as Purim. God is always showing us His love. We also have to show Him our love and through such, He will move mountains for us. It is said that actions speak louder than words. Lots have already been cast against us as the children of God. It’ll take the Son of God [Jesus – in us] standing against the son of rebellion [satan] to move the wheel forward. Yes, Esther [Holy Spirit] will intercede and the King will respond to her intercession, but first there must be an act of rebellion against the system of this world. Then we can stand and watch God dispose of the casted lots against us. The greatest thing today is that, Jesus [The Word] and the Holy Spirit are in us individually. Which means that rebellion will also be personal, even intercession will be personal. It is our personal love for God that’ll set us each free from the lots of Haman. We can then realise the joy and celebrate our freedom as Israel did back then.

The kingdom of God is joy in the Spirit. May we have wisdom to experience this joy through our own personal sacrifices as we portray our love for God. Through our personal sacrifices, we will definitely see God glorify Himself in our lives.

God bless!

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