It is defined as consuming more than you need. Therefore, in order to determine gluttonous tendencies, we have to first identify the needs. Anything over and above the need treads on gluttony, a seed of greed which wrestles against self control in order to weaken it. 

When we look at Esau vs Jacob in the book of Genesis, we see that Esau’s focus and desire was purely on the physical things that could bring satisfaction to his fleshly needs. He was a hunter, always out in the field looking for prey. Even his father enjoyed his stew for he could make it so deliciously. For Esau, food (physical satisfaction) was the actual thing. Despising his birthright was as a result of the fact that he had no idea what it was. He was an actions man, a hunter. Someone who believed in satisfying his own desires. So this birthright was pointless to him, an invisible thing that could ‘not’ satisfy his physical need, so ”what good was it then”. In the eyes of God, it reflected that he despised it if he was even willing to exchange it for a mere plate of food. Food (physical satisfaction) was then to Esau a god above God.

That is why then gluttony, in the category of food becomes enmity to God. Esau already demonstrated it’s power as a god. It is therefore a sin.

Gluttony goes hand in hand with slothfulness (laziness). When you over eat your whole body goes into paralytic mode, which makes you sleepy. On the other hand, gluttony as a response to the desire for physical food, can be a signal for spiritual hunger. It also represents brokenness in the soul. In response to the hunger, the body eats even to excess because food cannot satisfy spiritual hunger. The brokenness of the soul also cannot be fixed by food so one eats even to excess. So, one’s best solution to gluttony is to understand the source of the spiritual hunger and/or brokenness of the soul in order to deal with the problem from the core rather than the surface. Yes, you can respond to it by self control but self control cannot repair the damage in the spirit or soul.

Personally, it is for me the hunger for the kingdom of God (Love, joy and peace). I hunger for these three elements and have not been able to get them from physical or humanly supply, but I am slowly gaining them from the word of God and the Holy Spirit. Soully, it was the soul ties of rejection that were holding my soul broken, but the Lord delivered me from them.      

Now, off to the detail of what we actually need for the wellness of the body. Everything that God created, He created with a function attached to it, it is the same with food. Excess therefore, cancels the function

1) Protein
2) Fats
3) Dairy
4) Complex carbohydrates
5) Vegetables
6) Fruits and nuts

The idea is to understand the correct amount that one should have on each of the above per day. The measurements differ between male and female, as well as age. The idea is to have them properly proportioned throughout the day so that one doesn’t over indulge in the other. These measurements are our alerts, to keep us within the relevant measures of what our bodies truly need in order to function properly.

We pray for strength to break loose from this monster!

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