The most interesting role of a scribe is to tell in writing a story, not from their own information but as a report of what has been presented to them, and this is done in many ways and in many languages e.g. an accounting language. As a result, scribes are now in every industry. This is one of the gifts that the Lord has given to me, that of a scribe.

This month we focus on what it means to be a living sacrifice. The times are folding and we each have to take proper position in order for us to be the proper sacrifices on earth as intended by God. With that said, I want to just share a short ‘tale’ on Revelation 13 from an angle of a scribe’s focus on the spiritual aspect of the chapter. We have seen interpretations of this chapter, with focus on physical representations on earth of these animals mentioned, but let’s look at the broader spiritual aspect of it.

There was a Beast in the sea, Leviathan also known as number 666 that had seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns. one of its heads was fatally wounded by the sword. A fatal wound imposed on its head by The Lord as explained in Job 41:7b. In heaven there also appeared a red dragon with seven heads, ten horns and seven crowns. This red dragon is said to have made war in heaven, attempting to devour the male child that was to be born, but with dismal fail. This Dragon is said to be Satan, Devil and an ancient serpent. However, this very Satan now referred to as a Dragon was created a cherub, perfect in his ways until iniquity was found in him, iniquity that turned him into a dragon with seven heads and crowns plus ten horns. He got cast down to earth and while on earth, he came after the woman who gave birth to the male child in heaven, but got defeated. Then he gave his throne, authority and great power to the Sea-Beast, the leviathan. This Beast had Satan’s authority over people on earth for 1260 years, causing people to worship the dragon that gave it its power. After its period of authority (reign), the Sea-Beast gave its power to another Beast from the land that had two horns of a lamb but spoke as a dragon, a False Prophet. The False Prophet had the same power as that of the Sea-Beast and caused the people to worship the Marine-Beast, deceiving them through miracles and wonders that he was doing by the power of this Marine-Beast. Towards the end of his reign, the False Prophet, he caused the people on earth to make an image, to take on the nature of the Sea-Beast through impartation, so that those who would not take the nature of the Sea-Beast would be killed. Then by the mark, the name or the number identifying one as one who is of the Sea-Beast, could buy and sell, qualifying the official reign of the Dragon.

As the living beings we are in this first phase of earth as sacrifices but the only question is, to whom, God or Satan? The story above tells us that from the time Satan was found to be with iniquity there was an evil reign with power being transferred from one beast to another. A transfer that’ll eventually lead to people assuming this power as individuals by means of impartation from a false prophet, leading to the death of those who choose as rebellion against Satan, to be sacrificed to God. The false prophet has for many years been operating through the church and other forms of spirit media, prophesying by means of marine power, divination. It is the same prophets who have the power to transfer the nature of the Sea-beast to individuals, facilitating the martyr of those to be sacrifice to God.

Either way, whatever choice you make as a living sacrifice, the end result is death. You are the one who is to choose if your death will be eternal or if it’ll yield to life. I pray that God gives you wisdom to choose as you go through this issue.

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