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2020 is slowly approaching the end, and my! It has truly showed us what it means to be subjected. I am sure that by now we all realise that truly, submission is better that subjection, and obedience is better than sacrifice. The effects of our actions and choices we are seeing in our lives, climate change and our bodies.

Yes, it is said that the actual spring kicks in on the 22nd of September in the southern region, but to actually be in winter on the 1st of September was truly something new. It all just reflects that the world is changing and we should also be changing with it.

With that said, this month we want to focus on money, yes money! A lot of people have heard the prosperity gospel, ‘seed, sow, tithe, offer and you’ll reap’. Quite frankly I don’t know how many people fell for that, and also I don’t know if there are people who actually ‘reaped’, except those who were benefiting directly from the seed-sow-tithe-offer campaign. However, Spring is known to be a season for ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth – a lot of re. For me ‘re’ means start over in a different way, applying a new meaning and a new definition replacing the old, but for the same goal or intention. So we are focusing or ‘re’ where money is involved.

This money issue is ideal for those who wish to take a different approach to managing their finances.

No matter the circumstances, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so when we are clouded with darkness we should never give up or lose hope. I believe that the spring season is literally and spiritually, a turning point season in every person’s life. Therefore, as we move through it, let us be mindful of the fact that the wheel of our lives is turning and we must be flexible enough to adapt to the change.

May we be blessed with wisdom!

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