the hidden love

A dialogue between Thabile Khumalo and Mfesi Mayekiso. May it provoke you to want to find out more about what we are discussing. #Muchlove

I feel like I’m being awakened to love πŸ˜„πŸ™ˆ. That time when we were discussing the rose of Sharon, it looks like I only got a tip of it … Yho! love is beautiful. How can we be deprived of this? This Jesus. He is soaking me in it day by day. I tell you every woman needs this kind of love. This is the kind of love that melts iron. The interesting thing about it now is I’m beginning to see men who possess it. Satan blinds us to seek other things in men. But this! This is an answer for every woman’s cry. That thing you were saying about the beauty of a man that is fully surrendered to God. Shuuuuu!

~ Mfesi Mayekiso ~

Love is absolutely beautiful Mfesi that’s why the enemy fights the real thing when it comes to love, cause if we catch a glimpse of it we will reveal the True nature of God and he is finished. Aaaah! isn’t he the most handsome man you can ever find, this guy, is lowly in spirit, won’t harm a flower, healer of the broken, sees through pain and gives solution, fights the unjust, counsels kings with God’s wisdom. You know what, this guy is a lover, outside appearance is not his focus, he sees the beauty of a soul in front of him, he’s not looking to be worshiped, he knows he is good because God makes him good. His confidence may be interpreted as an ego to those who don’t know. When he worships the wind whispers, trees dance, water becomes sweeter. I can go on about this guy … πŸ˜„

~ Thabile Khumalo ~

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