the way

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6

While taking my regular walk, a car pulled up in front of me. Someone asked me for directions to a certain spot they were looking for. There were two routes from where they were that could lead them to the place. My initial instinct was to give them my regular way, but immediately I realised that the other way was the closest to us and to the place. My way would have meant that they’d need to do a U-turn and drive a little more. I was amazed that in this day of GPS people still ask for directions. I suppose it can be easier sometimes to get directions as the GPS can either get you lost or take you through a longer route.

Jesus, to Simon and Andrew said, ‘follow me, I will make you fishers of men’. These two knew how to be fishers but not of men. So if they were to fish men, they needed someone to show them the way to. Christ, telling them to follow Him indicated that He knew the way to fish men. No one follows unless there is one to lead the way, and the one leading would be knowledgeable of the way. However, in the scripture above, Christ doesn’t say ‘I will show you the way to be fishers of man, He says I will make you fishers of men, when you follow me. Which then concurs with Him saying ‘I am the way’.  

I believe that everyone of us instinctively knows what they are meant to do in this life. The call upon everyone’s life is hidden in the one thing they enjoy doing the most, which gives them a certain fulfillment and meaning. However, instead of asking for directions, we choose to tap the GPS to take us through the way that leads us to the call. Perhaps because we are afraid that the one giving us directions will make us u-turn and take us back a route longer than we desire. We don’t consider the fact that the GPS has no clear understanding of where we are going. It is a mere program created by man. Because of that, it is not insusceptible to error. If it doesn’t take us through a much longer route, it can get us lost completely.

The GPS’ in our lives are anything from education; business venture; charity; family; friends; work, ministry etc.. While these things are not wrong, they can deviate a person from the purpose of God for their lives. If God doesn’t get glorified in what one does, no matter how it may give them such satisfaction as though they can do nothing else, if God doesn’t take the glory from it, it is not yet lived as God intended, it is not purpose driven. The ultimate result of one efficiently living their purpose is God receiving the glory and not us receiving the glory.

Let your light shine upon men that people may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

As the children of light, we are expected to brighten up whichever corner we are at. This requires us to know how God intended for us to effectively do such. However, instead of tapping the GPS, there is a way that God gave to us freely, Jesus Christ. It may be long and backwards but this way leads us down the corridors of righteousness to purify and qualify us for our callings.

I will guide you in the way of wisdom; I will lead you on straight paths. ~ Proverbs 4:11 BSB

This path first leads us back to the kingdom of God to retrieve this purpose. This is the backwards or u-turn scenario that no one is interested in because it is what makes the whole journey long. However, the u-turn is necessary to undo everything accumulated in the incorrect path way, as well as to defeat the armies that got us to where we are.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. ~ Matthew 6:33

The desire we have to do what we are purposed to do, can only be achieved by following Christ who will first lead us back to the kingdom, and from there equip us with all things necessary that’ll make us easily slide into what we are meant to be. That is why we follow Him, to lead us back to the kingdom of God to the place He has already prepared for each one of us in the Father’s house.

We cannot circumvent Christ to benefit from the kingdom of God because He is not just the way, but also the kingdom of God. All things that the Father has were given to Him, and only by His Spirit we can have them established unto us (John 16:15). So whatever we need added to us by the kingdom can only be added to us by Christ Himself. Ours is to purely give ourselves to a genuine relationship with Him, then we become partakers of what He has.

For as long as we fall short of such, we can never become who we are designed to be, nor can we fully enjoy the benefits of the kingdom of God.

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