… and action!

As soon as we are born, it is cut and action! We become artists who act a role except in our own lives. Not even one individual would be previewed to who we are, not even ourselves. Those around us make an effort to help us become better members of society as we continue to grow. We are slowly crafted, year after year into the corrupted version of ourselves. A version that is deemed acceptable to the world. This version of ourselves leans heavily on ego, the vain inner self. Ego simply gives us a position in the world, an area where we should have our influence. It gives us an opinion of who we are and how we ought to contribute to society and what our status level is. We then spend our lives pursuing this imaginary perception of who we are. Our whole pursuit centers around a certain status level that’ll allow us to effectively contribute to the world. It is all about self. However, because of its lack of full view, whatever world position it gives us, will either be overstated, exaggerated or under stated. It can never be about contentedness. That is why we either feel ashamed of our position or strive endlessly to become something better than we are. Ego is only about status, for it that is what defines a person. Isn’t that a shame!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

Paul tells us that, a messenger of Satan, a thorn was given to him, to keep him from being conceited. In his asking for it to be removed, God’s answer was a ‘No’, stating that in his weakness, the power of God becomes strong. This made him boast in his weaknesses, because he understood that his weaknesses were an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to take control and authority of his body to perform the will of God.

Our identity is hidden in Christ. We can never fully come to know ourselves unless we have a relationship with Christ who reveals Himself to us, layer by layer as He chooses. He is the foundation, the cornerstone of our lives. It is in knowing Him that we get to know ourselves because we are founded in Him. When we tire and call on Him, He throws us a lifeline of grace that pulls us out of the world and draws us closer to Him. In the process of repentance and redemption, we get introduced to ourselves. This is the process of trials for the testing of our faith which builds endurance, elasticity in us. It makes us realise things about ourselves that we had no idea we are capable of. Because we are founded on righteousness, this process also purifies us of any filth or iniquity we’d have accumulated during our life of acting. As it happens, Christ unravels us to ourselves.

Redemption is a beautiful process if one doesn’t get weary, and the reward of it is salvation, it is coming to the full knowledge of who we are. Salvation is the destination of redemption, the end result. Some of us get tired and give up purely because we don’t like who we get to meet considering our fleshly desires. We wonder how this person would fit in the world and how they’d make us successful. We find it doesn’t make sense. It’ll mean that we either give up on being ‘successful’ or we give up on the journey to salvation.

None of us is perfect and that is actually a good thing. Our imperfection makes us rely on the Holy Spirit to help us with the elements we are lacking with, in order to be perfect. The Holy Spirit completes us. We cannot be fully functional Beings without Him being an actively involved element of our Being. He is the element replaced by an ego in our acting time, or when He is grieved or extinguished. So we choose to either be completed by Him or continue being the fake selves that the world expects us to be, motivated by an ego.

Whatever our choice, salvation is given to us for free and available to whomever deems it something necessary to pursue. It is only in salvation that we can live our purpose. We might not like who we are if it lowers us from our highly esteemed selves. However, if we learn to embrace it and find contentedness, we may find that it truly is joy, righteousness and peace. John’s purpose drove him to live in a desert eating only honey and locust. He was at peace, lived a life of righteousness and his joy was in serving the Lord.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a … Jeremiah 1:5

God is in a process of moving His people from the mind state of career to a mind state of purpose. The shift requires one to be content, know their true selves and rest in Christ. Would you be willing to find yourself and come to the knowledge of who you are as God knows you, or would you rather hold on to the worldly perception you have of who you are as crafted by your ego and others?

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