To change your reality, first change your mentality”. – Daniel Ally

Mentality is described as a characteristic way of thinking. It refers to a person’s mindset, the powers of reasoning.  It refers to how they view things and how that view influences their general response. It is an absolute reality that the people you spend most of your time with, or the people you spend your time listening to are the ones who contribute to your mentality the most.

But He [God] who is spiritual judges all things, yet He Himself is rightly judged by no one. For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?”. But we have the mind of Christ. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:15 -16

Christ, the King and Kingdom of God demonstrated for us during His time on earth, a mindset that could not be comprehended. You see this beautifully crafted in the word of God. I always find it intriguing that people could say or ask Him things to test Him, and He would respond in a way that shuts down the conversation completely. Some of us resort to lies in order to escape a testing situation or conversation, but Paul in the scripture above says, we have the mind of Christ. Christ never needed to lie, so what are we missing?

The mind of Christ has been passed on to us by the Holy Spirit. Just by having the Holy Spirit, we have the mind of Christ. Therefore, the same way Christ could discern people’s intentions; what they are truly saying and what they hope to achieve in a conversation, also we can.

Now we have received, not the Spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:12

This verse on it’s own tells us that we are previewed to the will of God regarding anything concerning us. It has all been made available to us by the Holy Spirit of God. Does that not tell us that, if His will is not manifesting in our lives, it is because of our mentality? The things of God are ‘foolish’ to men, the carnal. This tells us that, whether one’s mind is spiritual or carnal is determined by how they respond to the Holy Spirit and the word of God, and not how they view themselves. Therefore, a carnal man cannot utilize what he gets from the mind of Christ only because it makes no sense, it is not logical or it is against the norms. His worldly mentality tells him differently.

In genesis 24, Abraham instructs his oldest servant to go and find a wife for Isaac from his people, his relatives. He also instructs him that under no circumstances should he allow Isaac to go back there. Abraham knew the will of God concerning his son and he relayed it to his servant to establish it. Abraham had the mind of Christ, God’s kingdom mentality. This is the mentality [way of thinking] that is subdued by God’s way of thinking. It doesn’t think on it’s own, based on it’s perceptions or understanding, but exactly the same way Christ thinks. The result of that is utterance and/or execution of such.

God’s will for Isaac to betroth someone from Abraham’s relatives ‘must’ have been influenced by Abraham’s mentality, his willingness to align his mindset with that of God. This must have been the family mentality. God needed someone with the same kind of mentality to carry the torch of purpose from Abraham. That person was Rebekah.   

Scripture tells us in Genesis 25 that when she fell pregnant and had struggles within, she consulted to get understanding of what was happening. The Lord revealed His will to her. She kept this understanding to it’s right time of execution.

Isaac had a cultural obligation [mentality] over his children concerning the birthright. Even though he was there when Esau willingly gave it to Jacob, he did not take it seriously that now Jacob was the rightful heir of Israel by God’s will. Rebekah however, was in tune with God’s mind. Such that she paid attention to the misery caused to them by the Hittite wives Esau married, and that was a confirmation for her. When the time came for God’s mind to be executed, Rebekah established it.

This is what is referred to as wisdom in the bible, the mind of Christ executed and sometimes uttered. It only takes wisdom to go against belief systems; culture, norms and other things that influence one’s power of reasoning to establish the will of God.

This wisdom we see again in Ruth when she defies Naomi’s instruction to go back home to her people. Naomi catches up with her when she sends her off to Boaz. It is seen with Esther when she defies the king’s rule to save her people. It is seen again with Abigail when she steps out of her place to defy her husband’s response towards David. We see it all the way to Mary who always ‘seemed’ to be in opposite timing with Jesus.

These women carried a mentality that was pleasing and useful to God. They had a mentality of a kingdom queen. God needs wisdom in man to establish His will on earth. He used women mostly because the purpose has to be conceived, birthed and established. However, not just any woman can He use, but those with the mentality that is useful to Him. With David He used both Michal and Abigail, while with Solomon He used Bathsheba.

We can never have a mindset that is in line with God’s way of thinking when we are subjected to our own wishes, desires and ability. Christ has already given us His mind and reveals all things concerning His will for us and those closest to us, by His Spirit. However, to manifest this, our way of thinking has to be forsaken. That way, God will be able to rule on earth through men, and our lives can be a complete fulfilment of our purpose.

In a kingdom there is only one authority, one mind and one will, that of a King. Anyone who thinks or acts independently is an outcast and an enemy to the kingdom. After all, no one truly has a mind of their own. As the enemy influenced Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and they’d be gods on earth, even today he is still influencing the mindset of an individual that way. However, God is only saying take it back from the governing of Satan and bring it back to my governing, then I will show you all things I have intended.

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. ~ Proverbs 24:3-4

We pray for an aligned mentality with that of Yahweh!

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