Love for Christ

The month of August in South Africa is a month in which women are  celebrated. This, founded on a march taken by women on the 9th of August in 1956 to the union buildings, to demand their own rights. That they also should be treated like a living, breathing and fit human being. So, as the magazine we are also celebrating women this month, the daughters of Zion, the lovers and the brides of Christ.

Mary Magdalene, a woman Christ delivered from seven demonic spirits was a lover of Christ. She is the same woman Christ saved from being stoned by the Jews. A sister of Martha, who sat on Jesus’s feet while Martha was busy in the kitchen. The same woman who anointed His feet before crucifixion. She became an intense follower and lover of Christ. The bible tells us that along with others, she ministered to Christ and the Apostles with her resources. She was the first at the grave to look for her master as per the promise of the third day.

Our issue this month is dedicated to this woman, the intense and unapologetic lover of Christ. An imperfect made perfect in love, in Christ. She sees no other, her heart is fully occupied by Christ. He is her beloved and she is His.

May this woman teach us how to have this kind of love for Christ. 

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