Woman thou art sufficient

“The soul of a woman yearns to testify of something bigger than itself, otherwise it crashes to insecurity” ~ Pst Choice Hills

How great and selfless is a woman if her soul needs to glorify someone else than herself. It means that she is not designed to desire glory or take glory to herself, but to give glory.

When I read proverbs 31, I see a complete woman who is doing all things for herself and those dependent on her. She is an independent woman. However, she brings honour to her husband who is an elder of the land. Her independence is not about glorifying herself, instead it glorifies her husband. That is selflessness beyond comprehension. She is a woman who knows who she is and doesn’t seek affirmation or approval to know her worth. She is the help meet created to meet the needs of her husband and by doing that, she is complete.

However, there is a woman who bends herself over backwards. Who does all things necessary to meet the needs of her husband but feels that it is not enough because she is met with abuse instead of appreciation. She is belittled and made to feel like she is nothing no matter what effort she makes, but she still gets up and continue everyday in hope that things will change.

She is still 100% sufficient!

James 1:2-4 NLT, Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

Troubles come through people. God allows the enemy to use people to trouble us in order to test our faith. If you know your God, you surely know yourself. You know that He says, you are mine I have begotten you. We are talking about a God who opened up the sea, who made the waters of Jordan stop moving. A God who tumbled the fortified walls of Jericho. We are talking about a God who created you and knew you even before you existed in flesh and He says, you are mine. Then someone who does not yet have an understanding of who they are can look at another and see them not. It is not she who is not sufficient, it is the man who has no knowledge of a woman. Who has no knowledge of himself. It is the person undermining you who lacks understanding and a sound mind therefore, lacks good judgement. Christ says a man who doesn’t love his wife lacks love for himself. Therefore, by demeaning you, he is reflecting his feelings of himself.

When I say I am sufficient, I mean that no matter how much abuse may come my way. No matter how much shame may be brought upon me. No matter how much people can ridicule me or gossip about me. No matter the rags I wear or less qualified I am, because God sees me as treasure, I am treasure therefore I am sufficient.

The problem is not you, it is the one who doesn’t know how to fully utilise you for their benefit. If you are given keys to a G-class Mercedes Benz, but you cannot drive it because you know not how to drive. The problem is not the car but the one who possesses the key to it. It remains the best car in the market no matter what your frustration makes you believe about it.

Therefore, woman, take pride in who you are as a daughter of the Most High. It is not what others or a man thinks that matters, it is what Christ thinks. Aim to please Christ and Christ will work the hearts of others melt towards you. When He doesn’t, it is trouble time for the testing of faith. Hold fast therefore, to that which is good always, which is Christ. In Him you are sufficient no matter how “short” you are to flesh.

John 5:41, I do not receive honour from men – means we should not seek approval or affirmation from people but from God. People can take it as they give it and you will tire trying to earn it. Do things not for approval of men but to glorify God who has given you the ability. Seek to please God always for In Him you remain sufficient.

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