In 2014 South Africa was named the rape capital of the world. Of course this would mean a thorough research was done and SA was found to have a highest number of reported rape cases. Six years later we are struggling with a plague of women and children killers. I don’t know what is worse. Somehow it all makes covid-19 less of a factor. Its like, there is an open den of beasts unleashed to do as they please, with an extreme consequence being death and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

SA participates in the 16 days of activism against women and children abuse period. Last year already, this killing of women and girls caused such havoc resulting to a raised voice of the unite against gender based violence movement. These movements were formed as a cry, a cry that seems as though it has not yet been heard. Why? When you cry to be heard, it is crucial to know who to cry to. Currently we are crying to men to stop, and to the government to do something with everything we have an issue with. Granted it is the government, but who is governing the government? Itself is an institution. Meaning it can only be run as an institution regardless of how urgent the cry is. Except if it be that the ultimate ruling comes from sovereign power. We all know that government is not sovereign ruled.

Therefore, our first place of consultation is the prayer room. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:6-8. God is an All-seeing God, He is not blinded by anything. So He is not clueless.

He said, if you follow my statutes and obey my commandments I will set you above all things happening in the world (rephrased). God steps in only when He has been genuinely called. He says, turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other. – Isaiah 45:22. Truly we can’t blame anything on Him when we continue hardening our hearts. He sent down His son, the Almighty came down to earth to be among us, just so we can know that He is not just a Supernatural deity with no understanding, caring not what we go through on earth. But to show us that even He was willing to go through the worst in order to show us how much He loves and cares for humanity. Even then, Christ has just become a story told on Easter weekends. With people not interested in really understanding what He brought. Still, He made sure that what He brought, salvation, is permanent and forever available to those who seek it.

Secondly,  Eve, made a mess of things and therefore I truly believe that it’ll take women to turn things around and tame tamable beasts. Not in the wasted way of chanting gender equality, but living according to the principles of the kingdom of God. Satan did not tempt a man but a woman, so it needs a woman turning against him and saying No. Scripture says, after eating from the tree they saw that they were naked and covered themselves with leaves. We operate as women like a four legged table sitting on three legs. We lack balance. Because of this lack we go around looking for remedy in places we should not. We keep parading our nakedness and try to cover it with leaves. If it is not a career, it is money or marriage that we think will balance us. Still we are limping. When we do not value ourselves how can we expect these men to value us? We are just mere property when we get involved with them because of their acquisitions. We are desperate and needy when we get involved with them for love. Either way, the response is lack of appreciation and disrespect. We are limping because we lack a solid foundation, a Rock. We lack Christ our first husband. So we put men in the place of God.

I am not saying this because I believe it’s the women’s fault. I get it well and I know well why one stays regardless of the abuse because I was once one of those women. I am saying it because change is now imperative.

The Bible says in Genesis 2, God formed a man and felt bad that he was alone. He then formed every beast of the earth and every fowl of the sky and brought them to Adam. But none was found to be a help meet for Adam. Does it puzzle you that God formed beasts and fowls for him first? Then God formed a woman out of the rib of a man and presented her to the man. God presented her to him. She didn’t present herself. On the spot Adam knew that ‘this one is for me’. A sign of appreciation.

God has given us to be stewards over everything He owns. Parents are stewards of the children, men are stewards of their wives. They represent God over them. Women, God presented the woman to the man. At least be presented by your parents to him before you start bending over backwards for him. If he doesn’t see your worth without tapping it or turning you to a voluntary wife, he doesn’t deserve you. You are gold and he is looking for plastic. All the things a woman seeks from a man are found in God, the source of everything there is. Find your peace and your balance as a [young or mature] woman in God first, then He will present you to the one perfect for you.

The book of revelation has foretold us the things we should expect, so that we are not caught off guard, even this killing by the beasts of the earth was foretold.

We need to turn to God individually, not just to ask Him to save us, but first to repent. We can do nothing on our own.

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