By: Sthembi Ngulube

Your “tea spiller” is back. As it turns out my writing skills have been on lock down as well. To break out of this devastating writer’s block I’ve decided to bring you some tips on how to come out looking fresher than ever without further blowing your budget.

Thrifting has recently been a topic of interest in this blog however let us recap for a second. Why would you thrift? Firstly, if this pandemic has shown us anything it’s that our planet earth is crying for our attention. Fast fashion for the first time in years has been been put on total hold. Thrifting means buying vintage pre-loved clothing for almost nothing, thus saving the environment in the process.

Secondly, another thing this pandemic has shown us is you can live without….a LOT of things and instead of spending money on something that will only last you one season, why not invest it on timeless pieces that could easily last you a lifetime?

Thirdly, you hate being a trend follower? Then stop buying things you’re gonna see someone else wear within a 10 meter radius! Fast fashion is all about trends going in and out, so if you really want to stand out, do better.

Lastly, you wanna be woke? Then support local thrift business, no, get into your dad’s closet, your grandma’s closet and collect pieces so they wont be thrown away. And if you do not know what to do with the pile of clothing you haven’t worn in years, guess what, there are people out there, especially after this quarantine that will have nothing to wear for the winter. Give them away.

Let’s spread love and sustainability this year

Enjoy, Tea sippers

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