the spiritual mind

The human is made out of three elements, body – soul – spirit. None of these function independent of each other. The Spirit is in tune with spiritual things, transfers them to the mind and mind to the body, vice versa.

The soul is the transmitter, the CPU [central processing unit] of an individual. It is the center, the core of an individual, the heart. In a body, if the heart stops functioning the body is dead. Same thing with the soul, a soulless person is dead. God breathed into the his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul – Gen 2:7

Let us unpack the soul, because I believe we are all clued up about spirit and body. The soul is also a tripartite just like the human is a tripartite. It consists of mind, emotion and will. So when you want to enslave a person you have to have control over their CPU, their core because the core transmits to/fro the body and spirit.

The mind
be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind – Rom 12:2
For us to be the effective children of God we need the mind of Christ. Christ is spirit, so then that means we need a spiritual mind. We cannot tap into the fullness of spiritual things with a carnal mind. The carnal mind responds to the physical things and not spiritual things. Hence scripture says, it is enmity to God, because God is Spirit. So a person can either operate with a carnal mind or a spiritual mind to operate in their fullness. But while in the process of transformation, you are still prone to utilize the carnal mind. Satan is the ruler of the carnal  mind while Christ is the ruler of the spiritual mind. Therefore your mindset clearly defines who governs you.

The struggle/battle will always be about your mind. Captivate the mind, you have captivated the person. Free the mind you have freed the person. We are born to a carnal mind and need the word of God to transform us out of carnality so that our minds can be renewed to the minds of Christ.

Thoughts which come through the mind activate emotions. When you meditate on something, it forms a certain energy and that energy takes shape in your soul and become an emotion. This can either work good or evil. When it is the evil, the enemy plants thoughts in one’s mind to activate certain emotions. This he does by way of a familiar spirit, a demon or even dreams. The familiar spirit would have studied you well and knows how you are prone to react in certain situations and therefore subjects one in order to derive a certain emotion. This, demons also do. About every individual the familiar spirits collect data and store it in spiritual files which are available to the crew of the kingdom of darkness and can be used by whatever or whoever in their camp.

It is the emotion that influences our will. Whatever decision we make whether we believe it or not, accept it or not, it is influenced by our emotions. That is why scripture says in Prov 15:13, A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. The enemy cares about corrupting our minds. Minds lead to emotions, emotions to will. The mind is therefore the core element in the heart/soul of a human being, and many times is itself referred to as a heart. The functionality of the heart [soul] is fully dependent on the mind. The emotion is there to help us do good. It is the moving element of the soul, it is what encourages one to act. It drives your will. Spiritual mind will always will you for God while carnal mind will always will you for the flesh.

To start gaining the good state of wellness, we need to examine the mind which we utilize and understand if it inspires us to do good or be selfish. Selfishness is the poison that eats up ones wellness slowly but effectively. To transform the mindset knowledge is needed, knowledge of the word of God for it is the only thing that can transform our minds and renew us to Spiritual beings rather than carnal beings.

Therefore, when we constantly meditate on the word of God we are renewing our minds and our emotional state, and subsequently repositioning our will.

May the word of God indeed become our daily bread.  

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