The authority of a father

Being a father is not something that can be chopped and/or changed. It also cannot be removed from someone just because others disagree with his fatherhood style or find him weak. It is a role instituted by God in which a man is appointed and some also anointed. God is the one who calls a man to fatherhood and no one can remove that call from them. They may be absent, ‘weak’ or physically non existent but they still remain fathers because of the call.

A problem arise when children have lacked an exposure to the authority of a father. Because God calls men to fatherhood, as they are called they are also assigned authority. In every household, the father has the authority higher to all. He is a father not just to the children but also to the woman she has married. This is the structure in the kingdom of God, man has higher authority than woman. That is why Paul says I suffer not a woman to teach nor exercise authority over a man, but to be in quietness [She should be of quiet spirit that she may instead be constantly tuned in to the Holy Spirit whom constantly, brings understanding and revelation knowledge that she can execute or share with others] – 1 Tim 2:12

The role of the woman is to nature in love the children of the man but under the authority of the man. So the father cannot say this, then the woman does or say the opposite. The woman manifests in love the authority of the father. That is why women can have no vision of their own, separate to that of their husband. Their role is to conceive, birth and nature into fruition the vision of a man. Therefore in a household, children easily respect the authority of their father when they see the mother they love respect it and embrace it.

Children who have not been subjected to this authority struggle to be submitted to authority in general. They also suffer the error of selfishness for they have not been exposed to that overall covering of a man.

This is what society is struggling with today, both man and woman. This is also affecting marriages in a major way. A person who has not been subjected in fullness (at least until age of 30) to the authority of a father struggles with authority,

As men, the struggle is to assume the role of fatherhood in their households. The unction however, will be there once the fatherhood call comes but the struggle is him flowing in that unction. So they will demand the respect; enforce the authority, cheat or even leave if they are unable to settle in the unction or the authority it is not acknowledged.

Women on the other side will struggle to automatically slide into the position under the authority of the man because they don’t know how, neither do they know that they should. So they see the man as their equal. Which equates to disrespect or complete non-recognition.

Men and women affected by this are children who grew up with either absent fathers or fathers who passed away early in their childhood. As men they will fail to assume the role although they will have the authority or unction. As women they will fail to submit to the authority or even understand it.

The problem is that, for as long as a person failed to be subjected to the man authority at home, they struggle being submitted to any kind of authority. Yes, humility and respect may be there but submission is a different scenario. So you will find them struggle at work, at home even at church with their spiritual fathers.

2 Sam 15 – Absalom struggled to be submitted to David because he felt that his father was weak and he saw himself better than him in decision, appearance and in act. This is the same issue that man and women who   did not or did not fully become submitted to a father go through. The unfortunate thing is that not even one father can be stripped of that role because they are weak, absent or inactive in the lives of their children. As a result, he decided to assume the role of his father over his people. The sad thing was that he had no unction, so he was just an empty image. An energy that imposed itself (evil spirit).

So all these victims, now have to learn from the only Father how to be subjected to the authority of a father or a man as the authority of a house, because the husband assumes both the responsibility of a father and a husband as our Holy Father is.

This unfortunate circumstance also acts as an anti marriage spirit for women, if not dealt with. As we have spiritual fathers in the kingdom of God, there are also spiritual fathers in the kingdom of darkness. A demon once manifested itself and spoke that, ‘if a child is born and there is no father involved, we assign a father to that child and the child works for us. But if there is a father, we wait until the father is absent’. This spiritual father now also acts as an intermediary when it comes to partnerships that may lead to marriage. As in the physical, a father has to give his daughter to a man to marry and this spirit also acts in that way. Which in many ways makes it become an anti marriage spirit because for as long as it doesn’t give the ‘daughter’, she is stuck unmarried or given to a partner that is not according to will of God for her.

Mothers pass it on to their children through behavior and mostly utterance, and it becomes a generational cycle. Fathers pass it on through absenteeism or lack of interest and involvement in their children’s lives.

Women have to know how to automatically slide under the authority of the men in their households, just by the fact that they are men. Not because they are providing or present or active in their lives, but just by the fact that they are men and therefore, ranked higher than them in the kingdom of God. Many quarrels and discords in marriages are due to the issue of fatherhood.

The corrective measure to all this chaos is a praying woman, a woman fully submitted to God. On the left hand, also a man who is fully submitted to God. For God is the foundational Father and foundational husband.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. ~John 3:16

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