A note from Myles Munroe Jnr.

When I consider all things happening around the world today, all I see is change. No message can explain that change better than the note below from Myles Munroe Junior…

The many calamities we are experiencing in our world today should not surprise any of us. As bad as things may appear to be, we have known of these happenings for thousands of years. Back in the Garden of Eden, when Adam bit the forbidden fruit and blamed the woman, Eve, for their wrongdoing, he circumstantially shifted the original plan of God and thus shifted the way He intended for us to live on the earth. As punishment, God clearly told us of the experiences we would go through as His creation, some of those experiences being caused directly by His own doing. We are assured, however, that everything is in His control and we must continue to get back to the original purpose of creation, dominion. Our original mission on this earth is to dominate this territory.  We have been entrusted to effectively and efficiently manage all of the earth’s resources using the individual gifts and talents we have.  Dominion management, however, in its fundamental state, is the principle we have had issues with for generations. Instead of dominating the earth effectively, that dominance has shifted towards dominating each other and in-turn using the earth and its resources for our own edification.  The COVID-19 pandemic has literally placed the world in a holding pattern for the past few months and has effectively shown us that the mismanagement of earth and ourselves, to a certain extent, has dire consequences, and affects all seven-plus billion of us. Whether it’s what we eat, our hygiene, or any related factor that affects how we live, the results are now felt on a global level and is growing increasingly worse as the years go by.  The recent wrongful death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA, along with countless other similar strife against human rights, allows the entire world to be reminded of the continued immoral and unethical power struggle we live in and through on a daily basis.   I have spent these last few months observing and reflecting on how often we claim the world is evolving, with its technological advances and systemic breakthroughs in various industries. Yet, in the simplest of ways, man has really achieved very little progress. As a human race, for some reason, we have always fought to be liberated from any form of authority, not fully understanding that there comes great responsibility with that liberty. Our creator has given us the freedom to dominate the earth, however, our desire of dominance seems to be over each other. Any attempt to limit, control, hinder, restrict, inhibit, prevent or stop the fulfillment of God’s purpose and will in another’s life is a direct violation of our mission as a human race. And notice I said the human race; meaning all human beings.  Freedom is not the creation of a new social status given as a privilege to the disadvantaged, but rather a natural restoration to the normal state of what it means to be man, both male and female, establishing our dominion power. Not over mankind, but over the earth and its resources.  One of the quotes I live by goes as follows, “Nothing changes until your mind changes”.  I firmly believe in this principle and I remind myself of it every day. The reason I do this is even more practical than you may think; it’s because it’s true. The world we have seen over the last few months is one that is crying out for change; crying out for hope. This is not the time to point the finger at our leaders, nor is it the time to point the finger at our fellow man. The problem we face is not one that can be fixed overnight, as it was not created in a short space of time. I recognize the hurt being expressed, and whether we agree or disagree with the way it is expressed, the focus should be on why is the hurt being experienced, where this hurt is stemming from, and how the process of restoration can begin. The change we seek starts with each of us gaining the needed knowledge and information about those why, where, and how answers, for the questions previously asked. Not only on a surface level, but through a deeper understanding of first ourselves and who and why we are, and then that same deep understanding of all those we share our earth with. The commitment must be long-term. I’m not saying it won’t be met with resistance, as that is surely part of the process. However, we must continue to do all that is in our power to restore our dominion management over our share of the earth and its resources.  We cannot remain dormant. We must identify mismanagement, whether over earth itself or over our fellow man. But we must not just identify the mismanagement, we must do our endeavor best to reverse the systems that have failed us on so many levels. We cannot do it individually. It will take a united effort from persons of all races, ethnicities, statuses, and backgrounds. But let’s be honest, I’m not saying anything you haven’t heard before. But just maybe this time you will decide to make a difference instead of simply waiting on it. Imagine if we all took on that challenge, what perfect dominion it could be.   

Here’s to me hoping this will be that starting point. 

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