sowing and reaping

June, the middle of the year. This is the time that usually many people will be evaluating their progress regarding the plans they had set at the beginning of the year. Except this year was an exceptional one. Lock-down due to Corona literally took 66% of the 1st half of the year, limiting people’s practical ability to achieve their plans.

At some time, I watched this sermon talking about sowing and reaping. The Apostle was talking about how we believe so much in ourselves that we are willing to give God ‘33%’ of our time and ‘66%’ we put into practical work. Which indicates that we trust doing things our way more than we trust God to guide us. So he was teaching the good formula of redeeming the times. That we should be doing things the other way round, ‘66%’ of our time to God and ‘33%’ to practical. That way we leave the plans to God and ours is to execute what He instructs us to do. And because He is God, there is no way we would need that much effort to execute what He has planned for us, just obedience.

Many people I know took this 66% lock-down time to fast, pray and get closer to God. Which means looking unto Him for answers, teaching us what we should be doing anyway. Now that is what I call change.

The season, whatever season this was, is now folding up. Which means we are slowly crossing over to a new season. Which means we need discernment so as to be well positioned for what’s next. The night of the 39th day of the resurrected Christ, Peter discerned along with 6 other disciples the time, and they well positioned themselves at the sea of Galilee. It is at this sea that they got ushered into the new season of their lives. Discernment caused them to be perfectly positioned for feasting from the table, which Christ had set for them. There were 11 disciples at the time, but only the 7 of them discerned and were therefore at the right place. For us to reap bountifully, we must first be able to discern, and discernment is basically hearing the Holy Spirit.

As this season folds, it folds with the fathers being celebrated. The kings, the priests and leaders of households. Personally, I will celebrate the Father, the King of Kings, the Messiah and the Bridegroom this month, as the one true source of all.

May the fathers be blessed and encouraged to lead their households under the leadership of the one true God! 

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