The burden of making a decision rises from a position of having more than one option. God despises indecision. When we are His servants we are now and then entrusted with a responsibility to make a decision, be it for ourselves or others.

Paul as the Apostle of Christ had many time distinguished between speaking from a point of his authority or a point of Christ. He would either say ‘I Paul…’ or Christ. Being the servants of God, we are now and then expected to be able to make firm decisions on matters that require a decision for them to move forward. This is what to consider…

God’s will for your life

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work – John 4:34

Our sole purpose is to do the will of God. Jesus came to set the captives free and through us He continues to do so. We each have a gift and a call upon our lives to help us accomplish what we are mandated to do. It is important to keep note of the call and the will of God when faced with a decision

Consult His word

What does the word of God say about your kind of dilemma? There is scripture about one person or another who was in a similar position. What decision did they take and what were the consequences?

Seek guidance

God has given us each other as fellow servants in Christ. Consult them to hear their wisdom on the matter. They might agree with what you are thinking, but they also might not. Do not be discouraged by the disagreement for it only signifies that there is but one God and all things end with Him. Peter and Paul disagreed about circumcision to a point of separation. It doesn’t mean that the one knew better than the other. It simply means, God is God alone and does what pleases God. However, in the counsel of many there is wisdom

Accepting consequences

Understand that every decision has its consequences whether good or ‘bad’. When you make one option you forfeit the benefit of the other. When King David decided to take the wife of his servant, he had to bear the consequences of that decision. So whatever decision you make be prepared to accept its consequences. You cannot escape making a decision because you are afraid of the consequence, that on its own will yield a consequence of stagnation.

Thought process

Our spirit is the one which is joined together with Christ.

– The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God – Rom 8:16

– Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. – Rom 8:27

You maybe propelled to use the mind of the flesh to process your dilemma, but the mind of the flesh only knows the things of the flesh and is pleasing to it. But the mind of the spirit knows the will of God. Therefore, use not the mind of the flesh to process but the mind of the Spirit. The Spirit of God searches the mind of the Spirit and returns to it an answer according to the will of God.


Having done all, you are then left with a decision to make. Jesus prayed all night when He needed to choose the disciples. Pray to God for wisdom and understanding of who will bear the detriment of either choice, as well as pray for them in advance that they do not fall into the trap of the enemy.

Keep therefore in mind that if your decision goes against the will of God, He will still bring His will to pass. There will however be a storm that will lead to His will being manifested, just like it happened with Jonah. The storm will not be to harm but to prosper one in the knowledge and understanding of His will.

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