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Pastor C. Hills – 2 Peter 1:12 Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth.

I’ve been seeing Jesus with that Samaritan woman at the well for a long time, but I was only sticking to one side of the story, ignoring the present truth. I started January with a purpose driven lifestyle workshop and that’s where it all became clear. The voice just said ‘let not my Children become too conscious of failure. After all there is no more condemnation to those in Christ Jesus.’

I thought it was business wise because it was not just on my pastoral office, but the main focus on my intellectual side. Then it can again and clearly said, “if it took that woman six men to then finally meet Mr. right, Jesus Christ, why does a woman stick around wasting potential where her fire is daily consumed. Potential needs to go where it will be appreciated so as to live life in abundance.”

I realized that we have pastor Paula White who is now part of President Trump’s administration. She is in a 2nd if not 3rd marriage, but that does not define her identity in Christ. Now Israel’s capital city is reconciled because of her contribution, just imagine.

This season the Lord wants to truly elevate women on a personal note to save countries and generations to come. Tamar knew that Judah was coming. She trapped her own father in-law knowingly. That act we see as filthy, qualified her to be the carrier of the genealogy of Christ just like Rahab.

 Mfesi M. – Yes, Woman of God. On Sunday the Holy Spirit was ministering to me about the physical body, why God is able to take a prostitute that is unworthy according to the world view and make her a queen in His kingdom. He’s an amazing God, that is why. It speaks also to the women you are to nurse, the abused and molested who have turned to drugs and prostitution as they see themselves valueless and filthy, and therefore choose to “degrade” themselves even further, and some of these women are ministers.

I like verse 3-8 because it discusses the qualities of a successful ministry.

Jesus through us wants and will do things that are so much bigger than us. We just need to learn to step aside and let Him be Jesus through us. Like He said to Gideon – ‘go with the strength that you have’ and to Joshua – ‘be courageous’

This is the time for radical ministry Woman of God and now is the time, it cannot be postponed. Like Paul says, He will keep stirring up the memory of the truth until it is delivered to the rightful ears.

In fact, we need to embrace these failures as women because it is through them that we can say – ‘God did’. The Samaritan woman said, “come and see a man who told me things that I did.  Could this be the Christ?” He is not ignorant of the mistakes of the woman but sees pass them – beauty in ashes, a diamond in the rough. But the world makes people see themselves as the ashes or the rough.

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