Receive my instruction, and not silver,
And knowledge rather than choice gold;
For wisdom is better than rubies                                                                                           
– Proverbs 8:10-11

It is difficult to focus on anything else these days than the wide difference in the way that the world does things in comparison to the way things are done in the kingdom of God.

Back in the day when I used to attend a lot of networking events on behalf of the company I worked for, I got intrigued by one conversation about how the problems brought in by capitalists affect the livelihood of many, while it is difficult to reject their money because it is needed.

We have two things that keep the world system running and that is science and technology [the money maker], as well as economy [the financial management system]. If you had no idea why certain careers are treated like gold while others are just, now you know. Any career in these two is a future career, it’s a space where jobs will always be available. The only problem being overcrowding with graduates.

The economic system manages the money market; stock market; commodities market; spending trends; borrowing and lending trends. The world central control of all sitting with America; international monetary fund [IMF] and World Bank. These basically influence the above mentioned markets and trends. Everything done for good profit margins. Whoever controls the money controls the world. In this case, these three control the money, so they control the world. Whatever system the head uses, even the smallest toe will follow it. That is why generally our financial mindset is screaming ‘capitalist’ from every human being. If your business is not driving profit, it in an NPO and survives on grants and donations. A business should make profits in order for it to be sustainable. This is the financial system of the world. Anything and everything can be sold, that is what it encourages.

Let’s look at the money though, considering that it is what we chase after day after day.

In a circulating video, someone said he did an in depth lookup for a definition of money and found that, real money is silver and gold. It is not the dollar, the rand or the euro we see. It is also not the numbers you have reflecting in your bank account. That is why when an economic turmoil happens in a certain country, people can easily move from being wealthy carriers of cash to zero. You have cash but its value is nothing. It is all because, the system as it is doesn’t have real money (silver & gold). However, what the system has done was to create a contractual document of circulation for all in the name of money. So when you work, you sell your time, labour, resource or service to someone who holds more volume of contractual document. So between you, you exchange this document. You pay taxes also as a form of renting out the resources you are using that the world has availed to you. So what do you truly have then as an individual if the value of money in circulation is basically nil? The answer is nothing but a very expensive lifestyle because you are actually not getting from this system, instead you are selling [your soul].

Question then is, who owns this document and what do they actually have that makes the document valuable to them? Is it gold and silver which are the real money? The contractual document is just an exchange medium; in reality it has no value. That is why in economics the measure of its value is important and depreciates every year. But it gives them power or adds to the glory of their kingdom because everyone is enslaved to it by virtue of needs. It also gives them buying power to acquire real money which is silver and gold. Who owns it then because whoever owns it, owns the world and rules it. That is the question we should ask ourselves. So the whole point of an economic system is to manage the world’s financial resources for the benefit of the one who owns the money.

You cannot serve God and mammon. Either you will love one and despise the other – Mat 6:24

Being poor is not lack of material possessions or money. It is spiritual bankruptcy – Apostle Jerome Liberty

When you are rich spiritually it only takes bringing those riches to the physical for you to be wealthy. However, when you are bankrupt spiritually even what you have accumulated today can easily be gone tomorrow. King Solomon was the wealthiest king in the world because of a spiritual blessing. People with material riches brought their riches to him to benefit from his spiritual gift.

Scripture says we are blessed with every spiritual blessing and that is the currency of heaven, whatever spiritual blessing (gift) we possess. It is not knowing how to manifest that into physical wealth that makes us lack understanding of how wealthy we are, then chase material possessions as the world does.

The world system and its currency [capitalism] encourages people to be looters. While the system in the kingdom of God encourages people to be givers. God only wants us to acknowledge Him as the Creator and protector of our wealth by tithing and giving to the poor.

When God blessed Israel with riches, he gave them skill and commodities. However, when he instructed them in Deuteronomy 12 to put a 10th of their annual gains aside as a tithe and take them to wherever, He commanded them to go and feast on them there, He also said, if where I am sending you to meet in my name is far, then convert your tithe into money – what money? Silver and Gold. This would enable them to bring this money into the temple and amongst themselves purchase. Therefore, there would be an exchange of commodities (trade) – that’s economics. But all this was for the benefit of the Israelites. This is where the concept of the contractual document gave rise from. The enemy didn’t have silver and gold, but he had ruling power. So he used the concept through his own ‘commodity’, except it is valueless. He used this ‘commodity’ to build up a kingdom here on earth because every king is a kingdom and the glory (weight/wealth) of the kingdom is determined by its riches or acquisitions. A kingdom to compete against God’s kingdom. Hence the two masters are God and mammon. So while people are chasing after bank numbers he is collecting commodities.

So true wealth you cannot accumulate through holding currency be it cash or bank balance. You can accumulate it through holding commodities. These are not destroyable by rust or moth. They are either destroyable by nature or God. God created nature.

Deuteronomy 8:18, it is I who gives you power to create wealth. Therefore, chase up the currency of heaven [spiritual gift] and that’ll give you material acquisitions when you have mastered the conversion formula [obedience].

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