#Corona – Is it the end?

From December 2019, covid-19 became part of the society. A very unfriendly disease that gave a new meaning to death. China became a popular name right alongside covid-19, as the virus made its debut in Wuhan. A whole lot of us rushed to the bible to try and understand what is happening, what God has revealed to us in His word about such an event.

My first attention was drawn to Daniel 8, scripture’s detail of a goat with one horn, that’ll appear from the East, charging towards the ram with two horns. A ram that had spread itself out all over without competition nor opponent. The goat destroys this ram and is exalted for a short while before its horn crashes and four other horns arise in its place. China did not attack as Asia, but as a kingdom in Asia. I am saying attack because I do not believe that a disease that was not meant to spread out to the whole world could spread out as fast as covid-19 did if it was not meant to, especially from a country with resources. Ebola was well managed, even though it came from under developed Africa. Italy became the first of many countries to experience high level of death, then exceeded by America. The three economies on top in the world are the same America, Europe and the Great Britain. Great Britain is a ruler in Europe giving us both pound and euro, while America with its dollar has been the ruling economy to which the other economies are measured.

Now, if this virus will crash these economies is yet to be seen. Rumours already are spreading about Chinese yuan being accepted into the IMF foreign currency basket as an alternative to the dollar. News are also flying about investors pulling out of dollar investments while oil price is taking a dive. Effects to the euro and pound are yet to be seen to make true the Daniel 8 vision.

Another scripture that drew my attention was Rev 6 which talks about the seven seals that the lamb of God opened in heaven. My particular attention dwelling on the 3rd and the 4th seal. The 5th seal is of the saints who appear in heaven who were killed. I believe that is yet to come after the power of the two witnesses. The third seal talks about balancing of scales – It would take a day’s wages for one quart of wheat [inner good], while it would take the same wages for three quarts of barley [outer good]. So it costs less to maintain outer good than it is to maintain inner good, and God is interested in the inner good. It is indeed true. Vanity is so much easier than humility. Vanity kills the inner good while humility kills the outer good. It’s a catch 22 kind of situation which has been happening for a while. In that balancing season, God wanted the wine [Holy spirit filled] and the oil [anointed] to not be hurt. Which now brings me to the fourth seal, death and hell given authority to kill by a sword, famine, disease and wild animals.

Honestly I believe that covid-19 came to seal the disease season. People have been silently dying from these man made diseases for a while now. While Covid-19 is compared to Spanish flu, H1N1 swine flu it still stands out because these epidemics did not have the global impact that covid-19 has. However, many diseases have silently killed people over time globally: aids; cardiovascular diseases; diabetes; cancer, but the key word is silently.

Covid-19 was first rumored to be as a result of 5G installations, then we had that a Bio lab in Wuhan was doing a study in corona virus which could have, by accident let out the virus.

My view is that both are true. Like I said, if China didn’t intend for this virus to attack the whole world they would have contained it because they have the resources. I also believe that 5G has its own dangers which might have been tested and proved to release similar symptoms to that of covid-19. However, what we are fighting now is the ‘lab accident’ more than the 5G problem purely because ‘lab accident’ covid-19 is contagious, while 5G covid-19 is at individual’s reaction. The covid-19 symptoms, whether by ‘lab accident’ or 5G will be dealt with ultimately by the vaccine which is currently being prepared. Vaccine which is said to be the same as what Rev 13 speaks of when it speaks of the mark of the beast. Rumour has it already that whoever gets the vaccine gets clearance to travel and trade, meaning whoever doesn’t will be locked out of the system. What I want to know is, what about those who are immune to the virus? The conditions don’t seem to cater for them

In conclusion, my belief is that we should start concerning ourselves with droughts or famines and attacks by wild animals in the upcoming years because covid-19 has sealed the disease era. Wild animals have already been seen coming to residential areas in different parts of the world, including a black leopard recently seen in cape town near a residential area. Drought has been slowly and silently sliding in.

Is this then the end of days? My belief is yes! Christ warned us to discern the times so we are not caught off guard. Question is, what are you doing while you wait for Him.

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