By Pastor Mutsambi Hills

In life, we are hurt by our spouses; misbehaving children who turn away from the right way of the Lord; friends who break our hearts and wound us. We are hurt by family rejections and demands etc.

Living in such a world, filled with the inflictions of pain, how can one remain in peace?

We have just entered a new year and as the year progresses we enter new months. It is very important that we offload the baggage of the past. Past hurts don’t have an impact on the person who has hurt the other, they are usually a problem for the one who is hurt. This means while the other is moving on with their lives with no regard at all of what they have done to you, you continue harboring past hurts, limiting your own progress. Dealing with them, however, takes great strength and willingness to get healed.

The best remedy for healing the soul from emotional pain is love. It is a process but through knowledge of the word of God, the process is sweet and you will be able to love beyond past hurt.

The first characteristic of love in the word of God is that it suffereth long (never gives up) – 1 Cor 13:4. How great is it to know that we can love our way out of pain. True love never keeps a record of evil. Pain resulting from past hurt is equivalent to keeping a record of evil in our hearts. It is possible to let go of that pain by receiving the Christ-like love in our hearts, and it makes one a better person.

Sometimes it may seem like one is the only person to have gone through such, and might seem like people don’t even understand it, but that is not the case. A lot of people get hurt and have been hurt, its a decision that one makes about the hurtful occurrence that gives a difference. In John 20:27, when Jesus revealed himself to Thomas, the evidence of his love for the world was the nail prints in His hands and the wound on His side. Jesus was able to love beyond those wounds. That is what we ought to take as a lesson whenever we get hurt. That while the wounds are still there, we never stop loving. We ought to move beyond them. He is able to teach us to overcome our pains through His unconditional love that is living in our hearts.

Jesus was able to love like He hadn’t been hurt because He was not shortsighted. His view was beyond the wounds, it was on the glory of God that was set before Him. He knew that it outweighed the present pains.

We also are able to love beyond our pains from past hurts, just like Joseph demonstrated in Gen 50:19-20. His brothers plotted evil against him but God used it for His good, so is your pain from past hurt. God allowed it because His intention for it is good. If we believe in the vision the Lord has for us, it makes us know that these past hurts are like what Paul in 1 Cor 13:12 describes as a mist or mirror which only makes us know in part, yet there is a greater joy in the future.

In conclusion beloved, the Lord’s purpose for our lives is of good and never evil, to give us an expected end. The people who hurt us are part of God’s plan, people He has used to push us into it. Emotional pain is the fuel of passion. It has the ability to trigger a passion for the destiny that is not yet in our hearts.

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