At some point in your life you were younger than you currently are. When you look at yourself now and the person you were when you were younger, can you say that you are where that younger person would be or did something change in your life leading to change of dreams; change of career, change of interests and change of personality?

The question then becomes, what caused the change, was it circumstances or limitations?

I was not even 10 years old when I started writing. My biggest interest was scripting for short stories. I would be so amazed when people would read my scripts and literally become attached and could not put the book down. At times they would encourage me to extend the story further, so they could read more. At school, I was the reader no matter the language. My fellow students would enjoy my reading mostly because I could put life into the story while reading. My grandmother once said I should go and study something to do with drama. The High school extended my knowledge and interest of literature to wanting to write poems and eventually novels and I started on these. For a long time growing up that became my dream.

However, something in me changed. I suddenly had a desire to further my studies in something that would guarantee me financial freedom. I started exploring different careers, but all the choices I had were choices based on how much money I could get out of them. Circumstances forced me to feel this way.

One thing I have realized though is that circumstances alone cannot determine the direction of your life. There is always a powerful force that convinces you and whispers things into your ear. This force will take your current circumstances, enlarge them to make you feel a certain way. Then it will create suggestive influences around you which eventually make you decide otherwise. Note that this influence can change the course of your life in comparison to the one you had wished for when you were younger.

Everywhere you look nowadays you hear people talk about passion. Passion is something that is there from your childhood, it doesn’t change, you do. This is the one thing that can bring you back to the understanding of what direction you are supposed to take in life because it is aligned with your purpose. You can never be fulfilled until you live your life within the boundaries of your purpose, no matter how much money you accumulate.

Spiritual influences are real. Your life is 99% controlled in the Spiritual realm and what reflects in your physical life is the 1% mirror of your spiritual life. Your physical life is the manifestation of what is in your Spiritual life. If you don’t have control of your Spiritual life something else does, which then means something else has control on how things can go in your life.

Understand that you were first created in Spirit [So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. – Gen 1:27], formed in flesh [Then the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground – Gen 2:7] and made alive through a soul [and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being – Gen 2:7]. Because you existed in Spirit first, your life is Spiritual, and flesh is just the manifestation thereof. It is therefore very crucial that as a young person you take complete care of your Spiritual life to control the course of your life because whatever or whoever has control over your Spiritual life has control over you.

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