This question overwhelms me at times because I believe that many of us have no idea what our worth is. We mostly associate the answer with the net worth determined by our financial assets. Today going forward I’d like for you to ask yourself the question, what is my worth? The truth of the matter is that assets depreciate; finances get depleted, there is no lifetime guarantee that your wealth will sustain a lifetime due to economic factors and as you grow older you no longer become a target market in the job space. In fact, as you grow older your worth according to the world’s value system depreciates. If you strip yourself of all the money you have now, what do you get?

So, what is the best and ultimate measure you can use to determine your worth?

While I was squashed in a bus going home over the holidays I remembered the reasons why I stopped using the bus for long distance travelling. The time I made that decision I had options and now I took it because I did not have options. Which basically says that you do not have complete control over what could happen next in your life, but you do have complete control on the choices and decisions you make.

I also remembered a Pastor that I met just before the holidays. How excited he was as he was sharing with me that He is travelling all over Africa preaching the gospel. He is being called all over for the work of God and for him that is so much achievement. Here he is, an unemployed man with little education flying all over Africa, every expense paid so people can hear the word of God and get deliverance. It occurred to me that someone else works all day every day, but they cannot afford to travel home for holidays or even change their mode of transport to the one they would prefer. Some cannot afford to go on holiday as much as they wish to.

What does that then say about our every day life? Are we created to move round and round in circles trying to figure out where our next break will come from?

I’m not saying this so people can consider changing their careers to being Preachers of the word so that they can reap the benefits. I am saying this because I want you to understand where your value is attached. Your identity, your real identity determines your worth. This lack of understanding is what makes people fail to negotiate their actual value whether it’s a deal or just an employment offer. You judge your contribution and what you are worth based on what the world says, physical contribution. However, there is spiritual contribution attached to you, which values way more than your physical contribution. This you cannot know if you do not know your identity, and you will always associate your value with what you hold physically.

Change your mind and redeem your actual worth in this current year

Let 2019 be the year in which you figure out your real identity. That way you will figure out your real worth



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